HERBEKA is able to produce and package the following pharmaceutical formulas

Hard gelatine capsules in bottles and blister packs

Tablets and capsules in bottles and blister packs

Granules and powders in jars

Solutions and suspensions for oral use

Moreover, it offers a series of specialised and complete services that range from the formulation of a product up to the final packaging to distribute on the market.

  1. Research and development of new products
    Technical-scientific and commercial assistance

  2. Formulation studies in compliance with applicable laws
    Notification to the Italian Ministry of Health

  3. Product development tests (Sample Production)
    Studies and stability tests and pilot production

  4. Production of food supplements
    Packaging and labelling*

  5. Registration of trademarks (optional)
    Introduction in pharmaceutical databases (CODIFA and FARMADATI)

  6. Delivery of finished product (small and large lots)
    Check on lots

  7. Validations of new analytical methods

*Development of the packaging graphics and texts (optional)